PFC – ZR34/94 – Monobloc 4 Piston Late Model pads 01 / 11 / 13


These pads are specifically designed for the Performance Friction ZR 34 Monobloc Calipers

PFC delivers BETTER CAR PERFORMANCE THROUGH OPTIMAL TIRE UTILIZATION by improving the individual performance of the elements that influence the entire braking system.
– More Consistent Pedal
– Zero Vibration
– Smoother Release
– More Drivability
– More Car Control
– More Predictability

11 Compound:
is a new generation sprint and medium distance friction —the ultimate in control, with superior disc conditioning. 11 compounds were developed from the 01 compound with improved bite, modulation, and release characteristics. It is ultra smooth and developed to reduce wheel locking at the end of a stop. Brake with confidence—brake with ultimate control and modulation. For many applications, 11 will replace the venerable 01 compound.

Typical applications; Ideal use for medium-low grip venues where control and modulation is at a premium. Also racing venues where ABS systems are used, .11 can be used in a large spectrum of temperature ranges. 11’s wear is par with PFC’s legendary 01 compound. Virtually zero taper wear when raced in a properly designed race caliper

13 Compound:
is a new generation of ultimate high bite—high friction… 13 compounds were developed from 01 compound with increased bite, modulation, with superior disc conditioning and release characteristics for exceptional control. Ultra smooth and great for tracks with high grip or high downforce cars. This material won its first race on its first outing—it’s that good. It is the ultimate combination of high bite and infinite control.

Typical applications; Ideal use for sprint and severe applications. Heavy, fast cars or high downforce cars where bite at first 3rd of the stop is desired. 13’s wear is par with PFC’s legendary 01 compound. Will operate at
higher temperatures if called too as .13 has a very high threshold for fade resistance. .13 has shown of all the high bite, high torque pads in the market to have one of the lowest taper wear in a properly designed race

14 Compound:
Lower friction and slightly less bite than the more aggressive PFC compounds. Higher thermal stability. For low
grip applications and street tires.

19 Compound

The all-new 19-compound from Performance Friction is considered a Z-rated Street Pad, but one that can handle
the abuse of track days! With excellent cold-bite, and torque levels that rival those of the classic 97-compound,
the 19-compound is perfect for street and occasional track use. Low dust, and low-noise characteristics are sure
to impress on the road or on the track alike. Commonly run on the rear of a circle track car.



0197905012544 / 01 compound for .810 rotor

0197905112544 / 11 compound for .810 rotor

0197934131944 / 13 compound