PFC – ZR24 Brake Calipers – Black / Rears


The ZR24 caliper features a robust internal fluid passage system, adding strength, and eliminating the risk of damage or failure.

• Zero drag with PFCs patented pad retraction system that eliminates brake drag. This helps with a quicker release and a more controlled feel that helps you keep more power going to the wheels.
• High-Temperature aluminum alloy increases stiffness for less pedal travel and improved responsiveness. PFC Calipers stay consistently stiffer throughout their operating temperature range.
• Thermal insulating piston heat caps help prevent the caliper from absorbing heat from the rotor and pads. This can help reduce caliper temperatures 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
• PFCs Monoblock design increases stiffness and responsiveness to help make this caliper the stiffest on the market.
• 4.75″ Radial Mount.
• Accepts 11.19″ OD by 0.81″ thick rotor.